It was an early start on a rainy Sunday morning as we had to make the journey from Salisbury however this was not a problem for two-year-old Leo who jumped up at 6am ready to go see the Peppa Pig show!

We got there just as the show started, the room was already full of very excited little people with arms full of Peppa toys, eagerly awaiting Peppa to come out of hiding!

We got to know Daisy the new girl in town who joins Peppa, George and Friends in Madame Gazelle’s class, where they sing familiar songs and nursery rhymes with the catchy backing music composed by Mani Svararsson, the mastermind behind the energetic Lazy Town music.

At the interval we stocked up on Peppa Pig merchandise – Leo has always wanted a Dinosaur like George’s and he was over the moon with his new toy!

After the interval the class goes on a camping trip – Daddy Pig drives the school bus and off they go.

The stage setting is very creative with tents and campfires that look very convincing. When it gets dark we see the animals of the night, again very creative and fun! Daisy sings a lullaby to get everyone to sleep and we hear the gentle pitter patter of rain in the morning that can only mean muddy puddles to jump in! Careful or you might get splashed!! Leo was devastated that the show had to end as were the other children in the audience!

An absolute must see show for any Peppa Pig fan of all ages!

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