Leehurst Swan pupils again achieved excellent academic results, with 95% of pupils passing both English and Maths.

83% of the pupils achieved pass grades or better in English, Maths and Science. Despite the turmoil in the GCSE system (i.e. the introduction of numbers in place of grades and the increase in difficulty of the examinations) Leehurst Swan pupils performed well above national achievement, with consistent results attained as expected.

 Top performers were Arthur Cooper, who scored 8 A*s, 2 As and 1 B, and Amelia Parkes with 4 A*s, 5 As and 3 B grades.

The Headmaster said he was delighted with the success of the pupils against a backdrop of change and development. Leehurst Swan pupils consistently outperform those of many other schools and should be praised for their efforts.

Leehurs Swan’s next open day is Thursday 5 October 2017.

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