The first signs of spring are nudging at the horizon – time to celebrate St Valentine’s!
This month Leigh Chalmers talks to View about creative and heartfelt new ways of creating communities where we can all thrive – and how with a little time and imagination we can all help. Riverford shows how seasonal veg can be turned into a romantic feast that is sure to impress and wine expert Will Harding shares his tips on Valentine’s favourite – rosé wine.
Salisbury staff nurse Sue Shaw talks to View about how empowering it feels to be talking more freely about cancer. Her new book ‘My Race for Life’ tells the story of her diagnosis and road to recovery. Plain Arts artist Geraldine Mcloughlin finds no limits in the magic of glass and find out why gin drinkers and pug moths have cause for celebration in north Dorset.
Don’t miss our guide to events around the region and this month’s tips on how to keep your garden looking good at this time of year.

Best wishes, Paula Tegerdine

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