The greatest gifts you can give a child are those of high self-esteem and confidence, a belief in themselves that anything is possible, that they are valued for who they are, not what they achieve, and that they have unique potential and possess the ability to realise their dreams. Growing up in the 21st century is a stressful experience and mental health issues in young people have dramatically increased. At Leehurst Swan, we recognise this fact, try to reduce stress and strive to help our pupils cope with the demands of social media, examinations and the increasing pressures of life.

The daily form time provides the opportunity for discussion and exploration of mindfulness and resilience techniques, aimed at helping pupils adopt a positive mind-set and cope with stress. In the senior school, a Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) programme is part of our curriculum. We provide excellent pastoral support in an open environment where pupils feel safe to talk about their issues. We have access to a number of specialist staff able to discuss concerns and possible solutions.

The curriculum at Leehurst Swan offers a broad and holistic approach. We value both the arts and sport and, in this way, we cater for the talents and skills of all our pupils, helping them to find strengths and developing their resilience. For me, to watch a once-shy and reserved pupil blossom into a confident young person while performing on-stage is both precious and hugely rewarding.

Our pupils achieve excellent results, placing us among the top schools in the country, and we are extremely proud of this. But we are even more proud of the fact the pupils leave us as well-rounded, confident young people, equipped to move forward and make their own mark in the world. It is heart-warming to me when former pupils visit to tell us how integral the foundation laid at school has been for their success following secondary education. For me, that is the true measure of well-being in education.

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