Stand-up comedian Mark Thomas comes to Eastleigh’s The Point with ‘A Show That Gambles on the Future’.

Mark gets audience members to predict and take a gamble on future events – creating a show that draws upon all his 32 years of ad-libbing experience.
The comedian and campaigner said: “When you look at polls and look at how polls analyse data and adjustment – it is in the adjustment that errors begin to emerge. There’s a disconnect between what the polls say and what we see on the ground.
“I get the audience to write down forecasts for events that will happen and we discuss them and chat, then the audience votes. We take a collection at the end on the basis of the forecast we’ve made and put a bet on one. Any money made is given to the arts centre.”
Mark holds an Amnesty International Freedom of Expression Award and a Guinness World Record for the most number of political demonstrations in 24 hours.
Born in London, he learned he could make people laugh at a young age. “If you live in an environment where a household is volatile one of the things you learn quickly is how to influence people through humour,” he said.
“At school, I had a lovely drama teacher who was very influential in helping me. I also had a mate in a band who went to drama school. Those two were responsible for me going to drama school.”
He also said: “Stand up is a very Thatcherite thing – it’s very solitary, but now I’m interested in how we make this more collective. All the shows look at how we work together to create something different – that’s what I like about the shows.
“I did stand up for 32 years but I can’t see the point in doing the same thing when you can try things out – new ideas and new ways of doing stories that’s really exciting.”
‘A Show That Gambles on the Future’ comes to Eastleigh’s The Point on November 7.  Details on

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