By Soffia Pugh


My husband Josh and I headed down to Byron Burger in Salisbury, we had booked a table for two as we believed this to be a burger joint for “grown-ups.” However as it often happens, our babysitter fell through last minute and we turned up with the teen, the pre-teen and toddler in toe!

We were greeted by manager Joe who was more than accommodating and showed us to a cosy booth by the window where our waiter Ollie talked us through the menu showing off his detailed knowledge of every item on there!

Josh, being a trained mixologist, is an expert on mixing up the right flavours, this goes for food as well as cocktails, which makes him the toughest food critic of our household, followed closely by the teen Isabella, pre-teen Emilia also knows what she wants, me and toddler Leo are just happy when people bring us food, bonus points if the food tastes nice!

Going on Ollie’s recommendations we chose to start off with chicken wings, Ollie advised us to go for both the Buffalo wings and the Seoul street wings for a slightly less spicy option. The Buffalo wings were good old fashioned, spicy, sticky and crispy wings; the blue cheese dip did it’s best to cool the heat, but was fighting a losing battle. The Seoul Street wings were a whole new level of flavour. Somehow, the talented chefs at Byron had managed to create a marinate that provided a deep-south barbeque experience, with a clever undertone of Korean spice. What stood out about these wings was that despite the sticky sauce, the wings remained perfectly crispy and tender.

For main, Josh chose the Korean feast from the specials menu, this latest hamburger takes inspiration from the flavours of the Korean BBQ. A 6oz hamburger with a Korean BBQ glaze, bacon, Freddar cheese, crispy onions and kimchi cucumbers all nestled under a generous dollop of Gochuchang sauce – a staple Korean condiment, mixed with garlic, ginger, sesame and soy to make this umami-rich sweet and spicy sauce, and spicy Ssamjang mayo. The hamburger was served as recommended, medium, which was perfectly moist and allowed the meat to melt in your mouth, alongside the cheese and Gochuchang sauce. With a side of Gangnam Fries – French fries topped with Freddar cheese sauce, jalapenos and Gochuchang sauce. The whole dish married together in a beautiful Korean BBQ, moist masterpiece which poured out happiness amongst a taste explosion.

The best thing about the Byron specials is that they have partnered up with the One Feeds Two charity so each burger sold funds a school meal for a child living in poverty.

I went for a simpler option; the classic chicken burger; chargrilled chicken breast with lettuce, tomato, pickle and Byron sauce in what Isabella, who opted for the same, described perfectly as a “fluffy bun” although Byron offer the option to customise your burger, go skinny and swap the bun for a side salad, double up with an extra 6oz beef, chicken or veggie bean patty, or add sauces, dips or extras. The choices don’t end there, the side options are equally versatile, French fries on their own or topped with cheese or cheese and bacon, sweet potato fries or even courgette fries, we shared a side of sweet potato fries and both burger and fries where a new favourite meal for both mother and teen!

Emilia chose her meal from the mini Byron menu her chicken nuggets and chips came complete with an activity sheet and crayons to keep her and Leo busy during meal time. They particularly liked looking for the plastic toy cows hidden amongst the furnishings’ of the restaurant; at the end of the meal they had found 2 cows and much to their joy a surprise rooster.

For pudding, Byron offer a selection of naughty treats, although specialise in Extra-thick milkshake stacked with vanilla ice cream, brownie, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces, topped with crushed honeycomb and either Oreo’s or Reese’s.

Josh chose the shake from the specials menu too, Espresso and Brownie shake, not very Korean but the perfect finishing touch to the flavoursome meal, made with Double espresso, salted caramel, chocolate brownie and four scoops of vanilla ice cream with an option to ‘go hard’ a code for adding a shot of Sipsmith’s vodka, an obvious option for the cocktail specialist who described this as espresso martini meets frappuccino with a side of fireworks and sparkles!

Us three girls went for the simple brownie and ice cream, the brownie was the perfect consistency, crunchy on the top and gooey in the middle with a scoop of top quality ice cream drizzled with rich chocolate sauce, a pudding we would all happily have every day, hold the calories for me though!

An all-around pleasant surprise for the whole family and possibly a new family favourite, as well as a place to go child free for the light and refreshing Byron beers!


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