What about gum disease? Gum disease is damage to the tissue that holds the teeth firmly in place. It is almost completely painless and unnoticeable except to a dentist at a checkup. You may have noticed, and ignored, some bleeding when you clean your teeth but quite often the first sign is that your teeth become slightly loose. By now so much bone has been damaged around the tooth that it is often not salvageable and it will only get looser until it falls out or is removed.
Gum disease will happen much more aggressively in some people than others but the only way to know how it affects you is to see a dentist. With our help and advice, we can prevent you losing teeth.
So a dental checkup is important so we can help you and prevent bigger problems…but there’s more. We have come to realise in the last few years that there is a strong link between unhealthy mouths and other disease conditions such as dementia, heart disease and strokes. So in short- a healthy mouth will reduce your risk of these debilitating conditions.
Another important event in your regular dental checkup is a mouth cancer check. Mouth cancer is on the increase and again an early problem may be unnoticeable to you so we recommend everybody sees a dentist at least every two years to have a mouth cancer screen. It may have been sometime since you saw a dentist but now is the perfect time to organize a checkup.
We’d be delighted to see you and we certainly won’t tell you off for leaving it so long.
Dr Phillips is a general dentist at The Cathedral Close Dental Practice in Salisbury.

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