We are incredibly lucky to work with the region’s best schools and gain insight into the exciting initiatives and activities each offers their students.

Clive Marriott from Salisbury Cathedral School chats about how the 900-year-old school, now merged with Leaden Hall School, provides a stimulating learning environment in Grade 1 Listed buildings, within stunning grounds. The school offers pupils, their families and staff a spiritual awareness, helping them to acknowledge the deeper meanings of life.

I trained with England Rugby 7s at Twickenham and we
discussed the importance of the psychology of sport and how it’s improved their teamwork. The UR7s Junior Championships is back for its 5th instalment and it’s promising to be its biggest and best yet! The Basingstokebased tournament will welcome upwards of 70 junior teams ranging from U13 to U17. There is still time to enter.

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