Colourful career

I am a Wiltshire-based artist and designer working in the heart of Salisbury.

Having initially studied Fine Art at Salisbury College of Art in the early 1980s, I realised early on that choosing to become a full-time artist would not earn me a guaranteed living. As the saying goes – ‘All artists are poor artists!’

After changing direction, I took my final degree in Graphic Design (Hons) leading to what was to become a varied and interesting career in a variety of award-winning design and advertising agencies in London, specialising in ‘design for print’ – branding, logo design and packaging.

I started my own graphic design business when returning to my roots here in Salisbury in the early 1990s. At the time, I was doing work for The Disney Corporation and was fortunate enough to be given a licence to become a designated Disney Design Studio Artist for their commercial sector, designing everything from ‘Micky Mouse’ boxer shorts sold by M&S, to ‘Goofy’ stationery sets for WHSmith – and much more!

My love for fine art, though, never left me and I continued to paint throughout my commercial career for my own enjoyment.

I continue to run my own graphic design business today – ‘my day job’ – but am now lucky enough to be able to dedicate a greater proportion of my time to my first love of painting, and latterly lino printing and ceramics.


Having always had a ‘graphic and illustrative’ approach to my work, lino printing seemed a natural medium for me to revisit and explore further.

So, in addition to my oil on canvas works, I also create limited edition lino prints.

Living in Salisbury, my works in both oils and watercolour are heavily influenced by the Wiltshire and surrounding Hampshire landscape.

My recent works, oil on canvas, have used a rich impasto colour application using a pallet knife. The applied colours are thinned in selected parts by applying spirits, moving and flowing the pigments on the canvas. This ‘organic flow’ creates continual changing shapes and patterns, making each piece unique, with suggestions of landscape and nature, and the final touches made with sensitive line marking. Thus, although each piece might be initially planned, the organic flow takes the work in an ever-changing direction.

I regularly hold exhibitions of my work, locally and nationally – see website – and am lucky to have a growing number of ‘patrons’ who enjoy collecting my work.

I also sell a selection of ‘Open Edition Works’ on line, and through some major retail outlets as Canvas and Giclee Prints, as well as works direct via my website

For the future, I hope to keep doing what I want, when I want, and for as long as I can!

‘Painters never retire they just fade away’.


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